A campaign to lower the

age of candidacy

of MPs and MLAs from 25

India's youth wants their voice heard.
They also want to be part of the system.

..eighteen to thirty-year-olds (the age limit for a MP in the Rajya Sabha) can buy cigarettes, donate organs, play the lottery, drive cars, fly airplanes, shoot guns, start businesses, own homes, sign contracts, have consensual sex, get married, get divorced, have children, have abortions, join the military, serve as jurors, and be tried in court as full adults, but for some reason they are still branded, as an entire group, as somehow too immature and too inexperienced to run for one or more categories of elected office."
~ From "Too Young To Run" by John Seery.

India’s driving social-economic force is its youth – and yet, India’s greatest resource is politically underrepresented.

India’s youth, over 670 million people below the age of 25, accounts for an astounding 34% of India’s Gross National Income. Regardless of being a massive economic force, only 2.2% of the lower parliament is under the age of 30.

To qualify as an MP (Member of Parliament) for Lok Sabha you must be 25 years old and for the Rajya Sabha you must be 30 years old. To be elected as an MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) you must be at least 25. This restrctions make it barely possible for any youth to represent the needs of the rising generation.

The age to qualify for MP and MLA positions must decrease. Our society has an ageist bias that is preventing the country’s progress by suppressing the voices of the youth. Repeatedly youths are discouraged because of the stigma attached to their age, and yet the country’s growth potential lies with them. Lack of youth representation results in little political priority to serve the needs of the youth.

It’s time that India’s youth get the opportunity to create and implement change focused on the development of their generation. It’s time for the change makers to be heard.

Start now and get your voice heard by signing the petition.

The Plan

How are we going to change the age of candidacy?

1. Public Interest Litigation

  • We are working with the judiciary to explore constitutional amendments.
  • This involves filing a Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court to gauge the court's opinion on this issue.

2. Lobbying Members of Parliament (MPs)

  • We are also lobbying Members of Parliament and their staff to ensure the passage of an amendment to the Indian constitution.

3. A grassroots-level and digital campaign

  • Our lawmakers should know that the need and desire to lower the age of candidacy exists. We need to prove it to them by having a campaign on social media as well as on college campususes and cities all over India.
Grassroots Level

A Grassroots Level


We want to involve everyone from all parts in our youth which is why we're reaching out to colleges and college leaders to partner with us to work on raising information and having events to support the petition and campaign. Sign up to be a campus leader and grassroots level campaigner.

Our Partners in This Campaign

Organizations and Institutions

The campaign to lower the age of candidacy requires grassroots level support to make this petition and campaign a possibility. We have partnered up with several students from a variety of institutions and universities all over India and the world where a large number of expats live. Here's a list of some of the institutions we are working with. If you would like to partner with us, sign up below.

Partner with Us

  • New York University
  • St. Stephen's


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